Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Cleaning

You ever get attached to things and can't let go even though you know you don't need it? I do. I use to not have this problem at all, I cleaned out stuff and threw it out with no problem but since I had my baby I can't seem to let go of some of her things. She is 15 Months old and I still have most of her baby cloths and shoes...even some baby toys she doesn't enjoy anymore, but getting rid of them is like admitting there is no baby here's a little sad but I know it's time to let go of some things and keep only what I really want for keep sakes or in case we have another girl soon.  It's just not feasible to keep everything in case another one though because I know I'll want new things and it's crowding up our  home.  So today I walked around with a bag to donate some stuff out and I filled it up! Now I just got to go threw our storage containers and see what else I can let go of. The house feels neater already! I have donated plenty of her stuff since she's been born but there is still plenty more than can go. I am making separate bags for how I want to get rid of things...some for friends who have little babies, some for donation, some to sale on e-bay and of course some to keep!

I like how this mom did her childs closet but MacKenzie has so many outfits in her closet this would never work...but I have bought little containers like in this picture to organize little toys that I want to rotate out or things that aren't to be played with during free play but in parent guided play (playdough for example)...I just don't know where I want to put them maybe in our linen closet...I just got to clean it out too! One project leads into another one! This picture is from: click here. 

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