Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to make the classic grilled cheese just a little better!

Cover your skillet while cooking the first side, so maximum melting of cheese can take place.
Use cheddar cheese not american cheese 
Use good quality white bread, I find Sara Lee Brand to be wonderful
Use plenty of butter on both sides of the bread before throwing in the skillet
Use a cast iron skillet or non-stick skillet

Grilled cheese + Tomato soup...need I say more! YUMMY!


The Little Things that make Life a Little Cuter...

I do alot of little cute things for my one year, MacKenzie like make laminate pictures of her friends so she can thumb thru them at any time and see her little friends and yes even some of her wonderful family too! Also, I put pictures in magnetic frames on the fridge down low on the fridge for her to move around and look at too.  I'm about to make her a little photo box to hold her photos so she can place them in there when she's done looking at them and she knows just where to find them when she wants to see a friend. 

Another "cute" project I've been working on for her is making miniature boxes and bottles etc. into toys for her kitchen center or for her shopping activities. Basically I just recycle boxes like the miniature cereal boxes and mini soda bottles but I also went out of my way to ask for a small pizza box at the local Papa Johns Pizza and to my surprise they gladly handed it over free of charge! (Now I just got to make a felt pizza to put in that box!)

The can of green beans is just so you can see the size, the can of green beans is a regular size so you can see how tiny the other items are.

MacKenzie now has a well stocked pantry!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I recently had a conversation with a friend about how rude people were to me all in one day while my baby was sick. I know I was going thru alot with her being sick with a virus and I may had been more sensitive than usual but these people were really rude. I have experienced alot of rudeness lately, whether it be because an adult didn't get their way (childish) or maybe the rude person themselves was having a bad day it just isn't proper to be rude to people for no "good" reason! I have had people even being passive aggressive lately (which in my book, that is the worst kind of rudeness!). I'm a pretty tolerant person and I like it when people just say what they mean and mean what they say.  People who say things in a passive aggressive way want to hurt another person but don't want to take the responsibility for it, now that is just plain rude!  I feel like I give alot to other people and I try to please every person that comes along so when people act this way toward me I guess I just am utterly confused. I have to consider these people that act this way may be selfish and think everything is just about them. 

A book I've been thinking about reading since I happened to randomly see it online a while back actually is on the subject of rudeness, want to check it out go to this website for a review: click here
Now for a lighter subject:


I've not been taking many portraits of my daughter like I was when she was an infant but I'm trying to get back into it...I miss seeing new portraits of her around the house. I kinda gave up when she got to be a toddler because it is so much harder. I think I will just have to challenge myself. I also have a friend that is into photography and I think I will have to enlist her help and hopefully I can be of help to her taking pictures of her daughter (also a toddler) as well.