Friday, March 15, 2013

How much is too much?

So I have been into the "Less is More" way of living and I have been going room by room getting things out and donating.  I have especially trouble with sentimental things and gifts people have given me.  What do you  keep or not keep? why? what do you have a hard time with? 

This is a quilt handed down to me and it has no story with it, I am not sure what family member even made it.  It's large and it's lumpy, too delicate to wash (therefore we don't use it), and I've already fixed it in three places where it has ripped open. Would you keep it or not?

Other items I struggle with are greeting cards, before I met my husband I had kept every single card I'd ever been given since birth.  I decided when I moved in with him not to move so much personal items like that since I thought it wouldn't be fair for my personal items to take over OUR space.  Well now I've collected a ton since we've been married and I don't know what to do with them. Ideas?

What I hate about Facebook

What I hate about Facebook...

All the post that are negative over and over from the same person...quite complaining and write something if anything positive in your life so we don't all think your life is so miserable because really what do you have to gain if everything thinks your life is so awful? pitty? attention? is that really the attention you want?

When someone post something related to a friend/family member/ distant cousin or aunt or has died, has cancer, or some other tragedy in their life and use it to gain some sort of attention for themselves.  For instance when my father died I didn't post anything about it but a distant family member did and got all sorts of condolences? were those condolences misplaced? of course this family member had nothing to do with my father but they sure didn't mind getting all those condolences.

All the pictures of people in the bathroom mirrors while holding their iphone...really? you took the pic just for everyone on facebook to see you that morning? do we care? NO! Take a quality picture when your visiting a landmark of some kind or a photo with friends and family, sure that is nice but if you want me to comment on how hot you look after having baby number 5, I sure will want those comments ask your husband to comment every now and then...posing for facebook like that makes me think people are putting themselves out there for a new mate or something also.

Pictures that are blurry from someones cell phone, I mean whats the point to upload a blurry picture that you can't make out someones face in?

When people use facebook to sell their current product to family and friends (31, Avon, MaryKay, the list goes on and on...) this REALLY annoys me when people use those fitness ones too and they push and push them on you. I've had people send me private messages to help them with their business and I've not talked to them in over a year and was just acquaintances to begin with...this makes me think I just want to delete them.

When you add someone to your facebook after THEY requested you to be their friend then you see them out somewhere and they pretend they didn't see you out of poor inconvenience...well if you are only my friend on facebook whats the point?

Someone UNFRIENDS you after seeing you the day before and acting like everything was fine...hello just because you unfriend me doesn't mean you can just skate out of telling me why you dumped me as a friend! How passive aggressive and not to mention they are cowards! I am not talking about a acquaintances but real friends who people you thought were real friends anyways.

When people (even so called close friends/family) look at every picture you post and all your wall post but NEVER comment OR ALWAYS click like on EVERYTHING either way it's annoying. Throw a comment out every now in then if you are always looking or it seems like your a snoop even if you are close to the person its not acceptable and as for the clicking LIKE on everything they see this is like a oh I seen it but too lazy to every comment...and the people you barely know that click like all the time, it's just weird.

When people see pictures of a party or small gathering of shared friends and realize they weren't invited and get jealous...hello you can't be always a part of everything and if their wasn't a such thing as facebook you wouldn't even notice! Facebook makes it EASY to be jealous of others if people go searching for things to get jealous over.

It seems like facebook allows more drama, mis-communication, and jealousy.

What I LOVE about facebook:
Share photos with friends/family.
Share daily events you'd never have time to share with ALL your friends/family at the same time.
Long Distance friends don't seem so long distance sometimes due to facebook.
Events are super easy to set up and paper invitations are no longer needed except of course if it's a wedding/baby shower/ birthday party for a child etc.
Thank you phone calls/ cards are becoming outdated for the newly exceptable thank you in a tag along with a photo of gift or paragraph written about a good deed the person did.
You can catch up with friends even if you in different time zones when you look at their walls.

Overall, I spend less and less time on facebook but I do appreciate it for the few things I listed that I LOVE. I do however like to blog much more and wish more people I know and are close to would follow my blog so I could nearly leave facebook and not feel guilty for not updating for family/close friends.

I have private blogs for both my children and it would wonderful for the grandparents to read but they are all on facebook and facebook savvey and not blog savvy apparently.

Don't worry facebook friends I don't hate you if you have done one or more of the things I hate; it's just annoying when so many people do all those things. We are all guilty of doing something annoying on facebook. I am guilty of posting hundreds of pictures of my kids but in my defense our families are long distance and we won't them to fill included in their lives and it gives them that!