Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Gifts...

Well we got all kinds of Christmas gifts this year from toys for MacKenzie to a new purse for mommy and coffee mugs for daddy! These coffee mugs were quite interesting! Soon as they arrived in the mail (sent from my father in law) I just knew they were vintage! I looked at the bottom of the cup and it looked as though I was right so off I went to the information super highway to do some research! Within 5 minutes I had located the information I needed to confirm that yes they were vintage! I found some interesting things out about these little coffee mugs too! The brand of the coffee mugs were Anchor Hocking Fire-King and some of this line was even used on Martha Stewart's cooking show! Here are a few things I found while doing some research:
Fire-King was originally produced in the 1940s for everyday use, rather than display. It was often sold in bags of flour as a promotional item or was given away at gas stations. Fire-King could also be purchased at local grocery and hardware stores.
Today, Fire-King is an affordable collectible found in antique stores, garage sales, flea markets, and thrift stores, as well as on the Internet. Source

What a neat story that came along with these little coffee mugs! I love the ones we got they are green to match our new kitchen theme! My father in law also got my husband a coffee pot that matches as well! Why do you ask is this a gift for the hubby and not me? Well I'm not a coffee or tea drinker but my husband has been into drinking hot tea lately so it was the perfect gift for him! I too love to see those pretty coffee mugs and the cute tea pot sitting out on my stove though! My daughter even loves the tea pot we had to convince her that her's was more fun! A real tea pot is a bit heavy for a one year old to carry around but she did it until we put it up and reminded her of her own toy tea pot!