Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Interesting Organization Tips

As I've been doing Project Get Organized I've been reading some articles on the matter and I found this one to be a great help for me to know what is OK to get rid of: Click Here for Article or look below for some tips I found helpful from the article.

Here is a list of seven things that generally cost more to keep then the value they give you in return.
1. Things that you have printed off the internet that you've been meaning to read. They take up physical space and often weigh heavily on your mind because you haven't read them. The really good news is that should you need any of this information in the future you can reprint it.
2. Old, travel size, half used bottles of shampoos, lotions, soaps, cosmetics, etc., that you simply don't use. These items take up valuable cabinet and counter space. It is true that some of the products may still be good and someone else could use them but unless you are using the products you are not getting any value from them and neither is anyone else. Give them away or throw them away and benefit from all of the found space.
3. Clothing that you will wear again when you lose 10 pounds or are stained, don't like or don't wear. These clothes are preventing you from finding the things that fit you and look good on you. Another benefit of getting rid of these clothes is that when you lose 10 pounds you'll get to buy something that you will really enjoy.
4. A gift you received that you don't like or will never use. Even if the person who gave it to you is special or the gift was expensive. What value is that gift giving you? Do you think that the person who gave it to you would want you to feel burdened by it?
5. Something that you bought for yourself, even if it was expensive, that you simply no longer like, never use or won't use again. What benefit are you getting from keeping it? How much space does it take up? How do you feel when you look at it?
6. Tools or gadgets that work great for someone else but don't work for you even if others swear by it. Just because it works for someone else does not mean it's right for you.
7. Knick knacks, souvenirs and other little things that you've collected over the years that remind you of a trip or experience. Do you smile when you look at it or does it get lost in a collection of stuff? Just because you don't have the souvenir doesn't mean you don't have the memory.
As you go through your things use these questions as a guide: • What value or benefit does this give me?
  • Is it costing me more then I am getting from it?
  • Does someone else what me to have or use it?
  • Is it something I keep meaning to use but never seem to? 
  • Is it costing me more then it is worth to me? 

Far as Number 1 goes, I have something to add to that: Any old magazines you've been meaning to read (THROW THEM OUT AND KEEP THAT 1 ARTICLE YOU WANT TO READ) I have a box I keep that is small but large enough for magazine pages to fit and I rip out interesting articles, recipes, tips etc. and keep them for a rainy day!

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