Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Project Get Organized, Project #1

Project Get Organized
Problem: Toys EVERYWHERE!
Plan: Limit the amount of toys out at once and have a good place to store the ones out of rotation. 
I turned our linen closet into a toy closet! It worked great! Here are a couple pictures of the start of it all but I will soon post a picture of all the toys in their containers and it will be even more organized!

I also placed all the art/craft items in the closet, it works great to keep it all together and it's easy to see what we are out of!

Before this we had a bunch of our toddlers toys in our office and it was just taking over our office, we couldn't see the floor! I've had alot of her small toys in containers already to rotate out and even a few large containers for large toys but many of the toys were getting moved all over the play and not truly out of rotation because she still had access to them all with exception to art/craft stuff and a few other small boxed items I had put up for directed play.

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