Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where have I been?

Well, Magazines Mondays, Thrifty Thursdays, Aloha Fridays, and even catch up Saturdays have been on hold since I went on vacation! We went to the Big Island of Hawaii! It was so much fun and it was the first vacation I have went on since I had my daughter, it was really different and exciting to have her along for vacation! Here are some photos from our trip:

Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby Clothing Addictions

I love to buy baby clothing so much that I wondered do I have an addiction to buying them? Well actually I don't one thing about addition is that you can't stop yourself and well I can. Also I've read some other moms blogs about being addicted to buying them and well it's normal anyways! I think it's fun to dress my baby in all kinds of cute stuff and it's fun to buy them too! I find myself shopping for her way more than myself these days! She's more in style that me! Don't get me wrong I still try to keep up my appearence but her closet it packed way more than mine!

Do you have a baby clothing addition? What are your favorite brands?

I LOVE Carters! I also have alot more faves but just too many to list!

These are carters outfits we have all of these but pink one on the right which I believe my daughters friend Isla does have, her mom and I love this brand! I am assuming one day we will accidently dress them in the same outfit at the same time but it would be cute for them to be dressed the same!

This one my mom bought for MacKenzie, it is also Carters brand! Very cute!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Trying something new!

I've been taking my daughters portraits since she was born and I was getting tired of doing the same type of photo shoots so I signed up for a online photography school (not for a future degree, just for fun and it's free!). The first day I reviewed some material on the website I got inspired! The website showed a new type of baby photography that I wished I knew about since MacKenzie was a newborn.  They set up a link to a blog of a lady who made this popular. Click here to see her blog.

This is my version of this type of photography (notice my baby is awake as she is much too old to be sleeping thru such a thing).

Photo Removed For PRIVACY reasons, sorry...

Monday, September 20, 2010


Want to join in on the fun click here.

The challenge is to:
For one hour each day the week of September 20-26 work on making clothes for kids.
Look for what I make next week!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gardening and Beyond!

My family has been into to gardening alot lately! We love it so much! It's wonderful family time outdoors too! I ran across this cute idea while reading a blog and wanted to share:
Click here to view the blog that this idea came from.
I love to read blogs about DIY projects, I would say that was what first got me into reading blogs. I have found so many neat ideas others have posted on their blogs and I was able to do something similiar for my own home! Even if you can't replicate their project exactly it's okay it's not the point it's just a way to get your creative juices going and make something of your own that works in a similiar way for you! I love this idea above and may do something similiar soon!

Hair Clip Storage Solutions!

If you have many different types of hair clips this one would work well! Also great for traveling!

This idea came from: click here.
Cute idea for clips...
This idea came from a blog I read click here to view.

I love this idea so much! I may do something similiar for Miss.MacKenzie's little clips!

Click here for the instructions on how to make it!

Above image from: click here.
This is a similar idea with bigger clips but I think I like the one above this one better! I think the big clips need bigger dresses to go with them!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Blog Catchup #2

Saturday Blog Catchup

Thrifty Thursday's

Here are some things I did recently that I consider to be thrifty!

1) Ordered Business Cards online a couple weeks ago and forgot to mention the great deal I got! I saved money just from ordering online instead of getting them in a office store then I got them on sale at 50% off the normal price! What a deal!

2) Old Navy shopping trip! We went to Old Navy on Military Savings day! We got a percentage off on all our purchases! Plus they were having a sale that was 30-40% off the already low clearence marked items! I got MacKenzie a adorable pair of shoes that were not on sale but still very cheap for soft sole mary janes for babies, I paid $7.50 before the military discount was taken off!

3) Got a T.J. Beary Tales story for MacKenzie's Bear on clearence for only $1! This was at our military store on base we call the Annex.

What have you done to be thrifty lately?

Vacation coming!

My little family is about to take a vacation to the BIG Island at the end of September! We are really excited! Some of the things I've been thinking about doing while there are:
1) Visit Pana'ewa Rainforest Zoo & Gardens
2) Visit Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corp.
3) Visit Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park
4) Visit Punalu'u Black Sand Beach
5) Shopping on the Big Island of course! One place I want to go shopping at is: Ali'i Gardens Market Place

Image from: click here
Black Sand Beach
To join in on the fun: click here
Here's this week’s edition of Aloha Friday!
Just simply ask a question for your readers to answear or ponder!

My question/statement is . .
For all you moms out there: What was the most creative/fun play date you went to for your baby/toddler? If you don't recall one then what would you of liked to do for a play date for your small child but never got around to it?

So far I've not attended any too creative ones (just your normal play dates) but I am hoping to create some fun ones for my friends and my daughter/her little friends! I really love to be creative so it's right up my alley! Also I love to do fun things with my little baby girl and it's nice to have things to look foward to like fun play dates! One of my upcoming events is a baby race! All the babies will be using a toy car and they will all be the same ones too! It's going to be adorable and fun for both mommy's and babies, (at least I hope so!).

Monday, September 6, 2010

Magazine Mondays!

All these pictures above are of the different magazine articles I wanted to share.

The top left side is a article from Womans Day (October 7th, 2008).  This article is about Halloween and how to do some cute crafts for the holiday! I love fall and I love to decorate for it and all the holiday during fall! I also put candy corn in a jar around Halloween and I loved the way this article shows it displayed!  I also love that it gives tips from websites that are helpful! Here are some of the links: JACK-O-LANTERN.COM  CRAYOLA.COM/HALLOWEEN   WILTON.COM   FRIGHTCATALOG.COM

Hope those links are helpful to you this fall!

The top right hand side is a article I found when I was pregnant with MacKenzie. I thought these babies looked so cute in their customes! I kept it just incase I liked one of the ideas for her when it was time for her first Halloween! The only problem is I like the one in the top left (Baby Bug-Gymboree's Glow Worm $30) and it's much too warm for here in Hawaii! I need to find a custome that doesn't keep her warm! This is a hard thing I just found out, over the weekend I went shopping for a custome and well I ended up with nothing so far! I may just have to make her one! This article was from AmericanBaby Magazine (October 2009).

The next two in the middle are Halloween Crafts! I kept these to do later and I'm glad I kept them because they are so adorable! The article came from Womens Day Magazine (October 2.2007) For more Halloween crafts from Womens Day go to womanday.com/halloween 

The next article is from Real Simple Magazine (April 2008).  This article was about Fabric Fundamentals! I love articles like these! They really help out a home maker!
This article has tips on fabrics such as: Linen, Cotton, Synethetics, Wool, Silk, and Rayon.
Wool - Use Cedar hangers to repel moths.
Silk - Test for colorfastness
Rayon - Iron when slightly damp
Cotton- Sun yellows it: line dry in shade.
Synthetics - Use fabric softner to curb static
Linen - Dry-Clean or hand wash in cold with mild detergent. Air-Dry. Or machine wash on gentle.

My own tips for baby clothing:
1) Wash in mild detergents for babies sensitive skin
2) Use a dryer ball not fabric softner
3) Wash seperate from all other household laundry
4) Wash soiled clothing seperate and make sure to pre-rinse
5) Hang out clothing that has stains in the sun it normally will remove stains (this can lead to a lighter or more yellow color to the overall outfit but better than a huge spot!)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Blog Catchup

This blog is for all those blogs I don't get to during the week like my Thrifty Thursdays or Aloha Fridays....Some weeks I get so busy I don't get to them in time.

Thrifty Thursday:

This week I was still Miss. Thrifty but didn't have the time to include my thriftyness in my blog.

Here is how I was thrifty for the week:
1) Got a used stroller at a yard sale to take on vacation so our expensive one will not be put thru the abuse in the airport etc. for $7! Full size stroller too!
2) Got a Little Tykes swing for my daughters little friend for $1 from a thrift store, my daughter has the same one but in Fisher Price brand and we love it!
3) Took a free Yoga class sponsered by a new mom support group for Navy moms
4) Went to a bag sale at local thrift store where you can fill a bag for $5, and I got a ton of baby clothes!
5) Found some leggings for my baby for yoga class on cleareance at the department store on base for $2 and a bathingsuit for her for the next size up for $5!
6) Still enjoying using the points programs for my daughters diapers/wipes where I go online and put in codes from the diapers and wipes and they add up to get discounts and free stuff!
7) Registered with a company to fill out surveys and receive a few phone calls to get free baby stuff like sippy cups and I got a discount on my business cards for doing it too!

What did you do this week to be thrifty?

Friday, September 3, 2010