Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Blog Catchup

This blog is for all those blogs I don't get to during the week like my Thrifty Thursdays or Aloha Fridays....Some weeks I get so busy I don't get to them in time.

Thrifty Thursday:

This week I was still Miss. Thrifty but didn't have the time to include my thriftyness in my blog.

Here is how I was thrifty for the week:
1) Got a used stroller at a yard sale to take on vacation so our expensive one will not be put thru the abuse in the airport etc. for $7! Full size stroller too!
2) Got a Little Tykes swing for my daughters little friend for $1 from a thrift store, my daughter has the same one but in Fisher Price brand and we love it!
3) Took a free Yoga class sponsered by a new mom support group for Navy moms
4) Went to a bag sale at local thrift store where you can fill a bag for $5, and I got a ton of baby clothes!
5) Found some leggings for my baby for yoga class on cleareance at the department store on base for $2 and a bathingsuit for her for the next size up for $5!
6) Still enjoying using the points programs for my daughters diapers/wipes where I go online and put in codes from the diapers and wipes and they add up to get discounts and free stuff!
7) Registered with a company to fill out surveys and receive a few phone calls to get free baby stuff like sippy cups and I got a discount on my business cards for doing it too!

What did you do this week to be thrifty?

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