Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Blog Catchup #2

Saturday Blog Catchup

Thrifty Thursday's

Here are some things I did recently that I consider to be thrifty!

1) Ordered Business Cards online a couple weeks ago and forgot to mention the great deal I got! I saved money just from ordering online instead of getting them in a office store then I got them on sale at 50% off the normal price! What a deal!

2) Old Navy shopping trip! We went to Old Navy on Military Savings day! We got a percentage off on all our purchases! Plus they were having a sale that was 30-40% off the already low clearence marked items! I got MacKenzie a adorable pair of shoes that were not on sale but still very cheap for soft sole mary janes for babies, I paid $7.50 before the military discount was taken off!

3) Got a T.J. Beary Tales story for MacKenzie's Bear on clearence for only $1! This was at our military store on base we call the Annex.

What have you done to be thrifty lately?

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