Saturday, September 11, 2010

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Here's this week’s edition of Aloha Friday!
Just simply ask a question for your readers to answear or ponder!

My question/statement is . .
For all you moms out there: What was the most creative/fun play date you went to for your baby/toddler? If you don't recall one then what would you of liked to do for a play date for your small child but never got around to it?

So far I've not attended any too creative ones (just your normal play dates) but I am hoping to create some fun ones for my friends and my daughter/her little friends! I really love to be creative so it's right up my alley! Also I love to do fun things with my little baby girl and it's nice to have things to look foward to like fun play dates! One of my upcoming events is a baby race! All the babies will be using a toy car and they will all be the same ones too! It's going to be adorable and fun for both mommy's and babies, (at least I hope so!).


  1. we are just starting to get out...
    i want to go to the childrens museum :)
    MY AF for you

  2. Not really sure if there was anything ultra creative. I think just allowing the kids to play and having options for them is key.