Monday, September 6, 2010

Magazine Mondays!

All these pictures above are of the different magazine articles I wanted to share.

The top left side is a article from Womans Day (October 7th, 2008).  This article is about Halloween and how to do some cute crafts for the holiday! I love fall and I love to decorate for it and all the holiday during fall! I also put candy corn in a jar around Halloween and I loved the way this article shows it displayed!  I also love that it gives tips from websites that are helpful! Here are some of the links: JACK-O-LANTERN.COM  CRAYOLA.COM/HALLOWEEN   WILTON.COM   FRIGHTCATALOG.COM

Hope those links are helpful to you this fall!

The top right hand side is a article I found when I was pregnant with MacKenzie. I thought these babies looked so cute in their customes! I kept it just incase I liked one of the ideas for her when it was time for her first Halloween! The only problem is I like the one in the top left (Baby Bug-Gymboree's Glow Worm $30) and it's much too warm for here in Hawaii! I need to find a custome that doesn't keep her warm! This is a hard thing I just found out, over the weekend I went shopping for a custome and well I ended up with nothing so far! I may just have to make her one! This article was from AmericanBaby Magazine (October 2009).

The next two in the middle are Halloween Crafts! I kept these to do later and I'm glad I kept them because they are so adorable! The article came from Womens Day Magazine (October 2.2007) For more Halloween crafts from Womens Day go to 

The next article is from Real Simple Magazine (April 2008).  This article was about Fabric Fundamentals! I love articles like these! They really help out a home maker!
This article has tips on fabrics such as: Linen, Cotton, Synethetics, Wool, Silk, and Rayon.
Wool - Use Cedar hangers to repel moths.
Silk - Test for colorfastness
Rayon - Iron when slightly damp
Cotton- Sun yellows it: line dry in shade.
Synthetics - Use fabric softner to curb static
Linen - Dry-Clean or hand wash in cold with mild detergent. Air-Dry. Or machine wash on gentle.

My own tips for baby clothing:
1) Wash in mild detergents for babies sensitive skin
2) Use a dryer ball not fabric softner
3) Wash seperate from all other household laundry
4) Wash soiled clothing seperate and make sure to pre-rinse
5) Hang out clothing that has stains in the sun it normally will remove stains (this can lead to a lighter or more yellow color to the overall outfit but better than a huge spot!)

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