Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Magazine Monday's!

Homemaker's Heaven

I've had a love for reading magazine's since I was a teenager! Then I read magazine's like Seventeen Magazine and Glamour now I read Women's Day, Real Simple, Martha Stewert Living, and an assortment of Scrapbooking/paper crafting magazines. Those are just to name a few! I've starting reading parenting magazines as well! This blog on Monday's will be a time to share things I read in those magazines as well as projects and ideas I've found useful.  For a little over 5 years now I've been saving a collection of pages from my magazines instead of the entire magazine...the saved pages include recipes, craft projects and tips on cleaning for example. Some of these pages I've put into a scrapbook others just a small box...this blog will be a way for me to put together all those favorites I've saved and share them as well.
To participate it's easy, just post something that interested you from a magazine on Mondays and mention the magazine you got it from of course. Also comment on Homemaker's Heaven Magazine Mondays entry each week that you blog and that way I can comment on your blog as well as other participants. Please share links to the magazines if you would like or pictures as well! Feel free to use the image above for purposes of Magazine Mondays in conjuction with this blog. Also please make sure to make a link back to this blog on your Magazine Monday blog! Thanks! Have a Happy MONDAY!

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