Friday, August 13, 2010

Being green can cause you to spend the green...

Ever noticed that being "Green" can cause you to spend more money? Well here are some ways to be "Green" without spending lots of money!

Shopping at thrift stores (you are reusing materials that may otherwise get thrown in the garbage)
You can buy books, clothes, shoes, purses, and much more from thrift stores!

Bring your Own Bag (the new military slogan at the exchanges)... use green bags... this is fairly cheap to do...if you don't go crazy buying expensive bags! Don't cheap out too much and buy the $1 bags though they don't last long (if you wash them). Canvas bags work out great!

Once your done with clothing, books etc. donate them or to make some money yard sale them!

Recycle! In Hawaii you can turn in your cans and bottles and actually get your deposit back!

Here's a easy one...turn out the lights when you leave a room! Saves energy!

Go to the library! It's wonderful to read library books and return them once your done (no need to donate and there was no need to spend the money on the book in the first place!) It's nice to know that many people get use out of one book!

Okay get out there and B green! (the cheap way!)

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