Monday, December 31, 2012

Subscription Boxes

I have been pondering signing up for a subscription box for MacKenzie and while looking up all the options I found so many to choose from it's overwhelming, not only that but some subscription boxes that are out there now are not even just for kids and crafting.  I have found boxes that are for teething age babies, moms with a coffee habit, and buying gently used baby clothing even! I find the biggest problem with most of the company's is you get a complete surprise (great for the kids but it's nice if mom can at least decide between a small selection than to get something sort of useless for that month). Another problem is that these companies haven't figured out a way to have a more budget friendly plan for someone who's not willing to spend $200 a year or more for two crafts a month! Now here's a cool idea though if your a grandparent this would be a wonderful gift for parents, grandchildren etc. and if you can't think of a gift for a friend or family member you could do a one month box possibly from some of these companies! Let the experts pick your present for you! I think Citrus Lane may be one of my favorites for little ones! I can't wait to try one company out here soon! Just got to decide!

Here are some of the coolest ones I've found:

Citrus Lane
Get age appropriated box of goodies for children up to three years old.  Mom approved best products. Free shipping. $21 a month.

Their "how it works" statement: 

Getting Started

Fill Out Your Style Profile

Just tell us a wittle bit about yourself and how you dress your kid. 

Leave your Stylist Notes

Leave your stylists notes on your account anytime to add more detail about your preferences. 

Receive Your First Box

Your customized box of clothes arrives at your door in about two weeks. Every box contains about $100 in retail value of clothes. You'll receive a new box of clothes every month. You can pause or cancel your membership anytime.

Their "how it works" statement:
Our crates are designed around fun themes and filled with all of the materials and inspiration 
for hands-on projects. Explore with arts & crafts, science activities, imaginative play, and more.
$19.95 a month. Shipping free.

Their "how it works" statement: Receive a personalized monthly shipment of gently used baby clothes for just $24.99. Shipping is always FREE.


  1. I find this interesting. I am going to look into this even more. Maybe find something that both children will enjoy.

  2. yeah I want to get something too but can't decide which one yet, trying to find the best deal too! So many out there!