Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Resolution...

My New Years Resolutions are to...

be extra crafty

be a great mom, wife & daughter

keep my home neat, clean and organized the best I can

be more frugal

read at least one book this year cover to cover (yes one book that is all, I am a busy mommy so I don't have alot of time for reading)

attend church more this year (if naps for the girls allow it this's always tough with naps)

Make these things:

A felt Mail Set for Kenzie
New holiday hair bows for both the girls
A felt word a day calender with pockets for Kenzie (that can be used later for other things like multiplication tables etc.)
Felt Christmas Ornaments for Sydney's tree for next Christmas
A Coraline Doll for MacKenzie (I wanted to have this done before Christmas this year but didn't get around to making it)

and this cute little set of doughnuts...

Felt doughnuts for Kenzie to use in her play kitchen...

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