Sunday, February 19, 2012

Moving again soon...

We've spent a lovely three years here in Hawaii as of March 18th, 2012 but soon we'll be making a move to Pensacola, Florida. We'll be stationed there for just six weeks then after that we'll be stationed at Whiting Field just down the road about 30 minutes or so. So for the next year we'll be in Florida again! We lived in Florida before Hawaii so I am excited about going to a state I am at least familiar with.

So for those of you wondering how Hawaii has treated us well here goes:

The state itself is beautiful we had time to take two vacations on two of the other islands (Big Island, Kauai). The locals are rather nice and have a lovely culture that enjoyed very much. My daughter was born here and learned her numbers in Hawaiian and to her Mahalo (Hawaiian word for thank you) is a common word just like anything else...also she likes to use the word Aloha! As for the military side of it all, the biggest difference for us here was that we lived on base. The cost of living here is so expensive it just makes more sense to live on base. With that being said base life is very different than living out in town and making military friends and non military friends and having locals as neighbors, versus all neighbors being military and from all over not to mention new neighbors come and go often. Anyhow another new element for me here was becoming a mother so I made friends with moms who had children in similar if not same age of my child, this added a different element to my experience here as well. My criteria for making friends was very different from my norm.  I have made friends that will last a lifetime since living here but also I have friendships that didn't last but will forever change my outlook on people in general and life. I had friendships go sour and had no clue why, at times this made it difficult to like living here because at first I made the connection between the soured friendships and here tie together but really it was dumb luck a combination of bad elements all together including friendship triangles that were doomed from the beginning. I am not sour about these friendships that went wrong instead I value their lesson they taught me and I value the good times I had with these people before things went well down hill. I have never been one to be involved with drama and needless to say you get a bunch of girls together who have alot of common friends and live all around each other add the stress of husbands being deployed and well you get drama and even if you try to stay away from it and don't involve yourself you will be effected by others who can't seem to live without drama. So my end point is Hawaii lovely in itself but to find the beautiful people here (the ones beautiful on the inside) look further than your next door neighbor its not always the best choice for a close friendship just because it's convenient.

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