Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's almost spring, let's get organized!

Click here for source of graphic above.

Here is a link for free printable checklist:

Free Checklist Must Haves

Here's a link below for Spring Cleaning Checklist:

Spring Cleaning Checklist

These are great because you can just print all these sheets out and write your own individual plan and then cross them off as you finish them, by the end you'll feel very accomplished!

Click on link below for a useful Calendar Template:

Calendar Template's

These calendar's are awesome you can type in the month and year and it can auto fill popular holidays but leave plenty of blank space for you to add your plans in every box, you can change font and size of letters. It's basically the same as using Word but it saves alot of work and thought behind what day is Thanksgiving falling on this year and wondering is this year going to be a Leap Year?

Great tips for organizing children's toys:

-Keep stuffed animals not being used in a closet to keep dust off them, use large open bin for easy access for small children.
-Keep sets of toys in small containers that are clear such as: small blocks, Mr. Potato Head and his parts, Little People toys (by Fisher Price), art supplies.
-Keep like items all together so that they are easy to find not only for child but for you.
-Keep toys in same spot always so the child learns where to put them back.

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