Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thrifty Thursdays

Thrifty Thursday is here! Got a few tips to share!

1.) When cleaning stainless steal sinks and other stainless items you can use a used dryer sheet that is dampened with a little water and rub out the water spots! It's easy! Try it!
2.)  Re-Use grocery bags for multiple uses! One I like to use them for as a mom is to bag up those dirty diapers and throw them in the trash so they don't spread odor in the trash can before it's taken outside for the evening.
3.)  Instead of going to buy new books for your children host a book trade with your friends who have children in similar age groups or similar interest and the books will be new to you and your child all over again!


  1. Great ideas! I also use grocery bags for dirty diaper and to clean the litter box.. eww. I'll have to try the dryer sheet trick!

    A few of my tips:
    Use vinegar instead of liquid fabric softener. It's much cheaper, eco friendly, works just as well to reduce static cling and it leaves your clothes smelling fresh!
    If the kids get a stain or hole in their clothes I add it to my fabric stash to use the unharmed fabric on another project. My son just cut a hole in his shirt at school, his first time wearing it too, I'm going to buy him a plain white t-shirt and use the fabric from the ruined one to make him a tie shirt.

  2. I love the idea for a book trade! We can never have to many books but sometimes we run out of room, that would be a wonderful way to thin out room and get new books at the same time!