Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thrifty Thursdays

A few thrifty things to do if you have children:

Collect those mini bottles you get for Johnson's Shampoo and soap and rinse them out when you are done and glue the tops back on so they cannot be removed (of course, check them every so often to make sure they are still tight) then they can be used for your children to pretend to give baby dolls baths, much more realistic looking and cheaper than going out and buying those from the store that are totally cheap quality anyways.
Another good tip for saving money on toys:

Buy some Preemie and Newborn size clothing from resale shops or garage sales for your childs baby dolls or use their own baby clothes if they any small enough to fit their baby dolls. I find that most of my daughters dolls only fit Preemie clothing. We had maybe two things that were that size so I ventured out and looked for outfits that were exactly like hers she wears now and found some! So she can match her dolls! She loves it and so do I, makes for cute pics!

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