Tuesday, January 25, 2011


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I LOVE Valentines Day so much and I love to go all out to make it very special for my family. I have went and got MacKenzie a lovely little dress to wear for the BIG day...and I got her a cute little Valentines Doll. I even got her a little Bumble Bee Car (going with the Bee Mine theme, lol) and of course I've gotten Casey some things but those cannot be blogged about seeing as how he may find out...I'm also hosting a Valentines Day Party for MacKenzie and her friends and a craft event too! I am very excited for this years Valentines Day, I'm so very lucky to be able to spend it with my husband and daughter. I wish my mother could be here too though, this year will be a hard one in one way since my father has passed away. My father made Valentines a big thing too, each year he got me and my mom matching gifts and we went out to eat together...I miss all those special things he did for us.

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