Saturday, June 30, 2012

Project Life

So what is this thing called Project Life? It's a new way to scrapbook! It's looks easier and cheaper than traditional scrapbooking! I think whats best it's better for young moms and other very busy people who want to still enjoy keeping all their memories tucked away in a album! It's great because it requires so little time that you can focus on journaling and picture choices that my albums normally lack because my sole focus is on the creative end of it's to the point lately where I don't even want to think about attempting to put a page together I just need to gather all my pictures and stories together in one place for safe keeping...(says the busy expecting mother who already has a toddler!) I am so busy there is no way I can keep up doing the scrapbooking the traditional way. Here is a link to this wonderful new world of scrapbooking!

Click Here to read more about Project Life!

Here's an example from the website for project life of what you can do with's simple but it's neat, organized, and actually pretty!  They offer different styles of pockets, different paper inserts and different binders so you get choices but no more buying stickers, ribbon, photo tape, glue or even using scissors!

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