Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Want to see the craftiness that has been bestowed in my house lately?

Felt Volcano for MacKenzie to use while playing with her  miniature toy animals and dinosaurs.

All you need is a birthday cone hat, Gray Felt, Red Felt, Scissors, & Tacky Glue

Picture of a raccoon I made for MacKenzie, I seen this online this was my attempt to  draw it and Kenzie colored it. I think his face was quite a bit thinner in the original ha ha

Birthday Hats for MacKenzie's Party Guest at her Mickey/Minnie Mouse Party!

This project is very cheap just purchase some cheap birthday hats and use them as  a pattern and use the elastic from them, then purchase some card stock paper in black for the ears and assorted colors for cone part. I think this ran me around $3 for hats, $5 pack o paper so maybe $13 for all of it but have tons of left over paper and you can always reuse your pattern later! If you already have a birthday hat to us as a pattern from a previous party but not enough to use the elastic you may use matching ribbon but this would be more expensive.

Elmo Camera Lenses Bling - The most expensive part of this project minus camera pictured ha ha was the hair band that was premade (this cost alot because you can only get packages of 6-8) if you plan on making more than one then you will come out well if not plan on purchasing some elastic and some red fabric scraps to make the hair band first then purchase the eyes and felt to add to it. The eyes also come in large packets but I choose to get them anyways to because I can use with them my daughters art later on. Total cost of project ran up to $8 for this one but I have extra supplies to make more. I think next I will make a owl since Kenzie loves owls! This little invention will help get kids to look at your camera and smile but be warned it also makes them want to come up and grab the camera too! ha ha!

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  1. Lets try that again! I really loved the Volcano! Did she help you or did you did you do it on your own? How hard is felt and tackly glue to work with?