Wednesday, May 18, 2011

To all of you moms out there...

Dear Fellow Moms,
If you haven't heard it lately then I will tell you, thank you and good job! You are the one who holds your child late at night when they are sick, you are the one who does laundry until 2 am because if it gets any more behind you won't be able to see your laundry room, you are the one who does the chores no one else wants to do, you are the one who researches whats best for your child whether it be what they eat or what medications to take, you are the one that must suffer thru awkward moments at playgroups where your ideas of parenting well just isn't the same as another moms ideas, you are the one that carried your child for those long 9 months or in my case 9.5 months, you are the one who gave birth and in my case was in active labor for 36 hours, you are the one who stays with your child day in and day out and whethers toddlers tantrums on maybe just 4-5 hours sleep...well and there is alot more I could list because mothers are the jack of all trades...they do everything no one else wants to do...whether it be cleaning up a messy spill from dinner or administering medicine to a toddler who lets just say doesn't exactly react well to icky medicines...

Why this letter? Well I guess I realized that myself and many other mothers can just be tired, very tired and very overwhelmed at times and maybe even feel unappreciated.  Well look at it this way when your tired, run down, and feel like you can't possibly fold another piece of laundry,...just don't, take a break! Who cares if everything is not done right can wait, get your rest and do it when you get time...if someone doesn't understand then let them be in your shoes for awhile then they may just very well get it...until I was a mother I would had never understood just how much work it can really be. Although I really LOVE it, I also am the most exhausted I have ever been and that is saying alot because I worked 3 jobs at once before and kept a perfectly clean home as my home isn't perfect but it's tidy enough and clean...and well I have no job that brings in a paycheck but I have a job that gives me a smile most every day!

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