Thursday, April 28, 2011

Strange Invitations...

So I thought today this would be a great facebook status for me:
(Name Here)...thinks it's weird to have a party for your birthday and have someone selling stuff at the party where your guest feel like they have to buy something in order to attend your birthday party...strange...either it's a birthday party (where you already get gifts) or your trying to make money which is it????

Why would this be my status you ask?
Well because in the last month I've been invited to an acquaintances birthday party (where she was using someones home business to make money during her party) then not more than a month later she invited me to her husbands party that was the same theme (another person would be there selling stuff)!
Why am I so put off by this?

#1 - Don't invite everyone on your facebook to your birthday party (that is strange to begin with)

Isn't your birthday party just for close friends and family? I wouldn't want all my acquaintances to feel pressured into coming to my birthday party especially if I met them under business pretenses (which was me in this case)

#2 - Having more than one of the same type of home party to make money for yourself it tacky! I've heard of people having like 5-10 different parties a month and paying their mortgage by just selling so much product to their friends and family members who just wanted to support them or felt pressured to buy.

#3 - If your having a birthday party graciously except gifts your friends and family give you and let that be enough, I mean really do you need to hit their wallet for even more than they already paid for your gift you know they will be bringing since it's a "Birthday Party".

Okay, so normally my blog is about crafting/homemaking and not my opinion like this blog but I needed a place to vent and I wanted to see if anyone else felt this way about this? Isn't this what a blogs for anyways?


  1. They asked me to help me out. I didnt know it was for his birthday until after I said yes.

    I flat out told them at her party I WAS NOT BUYING ANYTHING FOR HER. That I was buying FOR ME.

  2. sorry but i am with you on that. i got the invites but what bothers me is when said person starts to post about how no one is coming and no one liking them. also after a certain age gifts are not expected. if i invite anyone over for my birthday i do not want a gift. the time someone spends with me is all i really want.

  3. Wow that is tacky I have never been invited to a birthday party where people are selling home business stuff. That just seems like they are trying to have a home business party but tricking people to come by saying it's a birthday party. You read my blog post about people and their parties. It get's to be all too much for me.