Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Crafty Projects!

I have alot of new projects going on hence the absence of this is whats going to happen...I will take this break from Blogging then once my projects are done I will blog about them and show pictures! Here are a few of my new projects:
1) Dress for MacKenzie
2) Redecorate MacKenzie's Room to a toddler room
3) Making stuff for MacKenzie's First Birthday Party
4) A few holiday crafts (I know already but better now than putting it off and never doing them!)
5) Lots of new hair bows and hair accessories!
6) Pillowcase dress for a friends daughter (we may work on this together, it's going to be adorable!)
7) Adding new decor to my kitchen, living room, hallway, and dining room (we moved in and I was pregnant and didn't feel like doing much now I'm ready to decorate this house!)

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